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A message from Leah Tilney (Owner of Elements Collective):

Five years ago I opened Elements Collective with the dream to create a space where Hip-hop artists could collaborate, run workshops, create shows and generate work for themselves. 
Over the years Elements Collective has become a multi-level organization that provides many different avenues for dancers and performers to work.

What does Elements Collective really do?

In 2016 Elements Collective has made the decision to have our much needed focus be on our touring productions and running major events & workshops along with our external schools programs.

We have sadly made the hard decision to step back from running our Regular Classes and pass over management to our friends at V-Hub Dance (Vanessa Frisca).

What does this mean?
This means that TERM 4 2015 will be final Term of running classes as Elements Collective. 
This does NOT mean the classes will discontinue in 2016, they will simply be under a new management and name (V-Hub Dance). 
This does means our X-Mas Concert on Friday 18th December 2015 will be the final student showcase run by Elements Collective and we want to make it the best one EVER!

Will your class or crew times change in 2016?
Almost all classes and crews will stay as they are. Minor timetable adjustments will be made as normal per term and more exciting new classes will be added to the timetable too.

Will your teacher change?
Nope! V-Hub agrees our teachers are AWESOME and will be continuing with them next year!

Will the venue change?
Nope! All classes will remain here at Cupo Venue (17 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley).

When will this take place?
New management with V-Hub starts as of January 1st 2016.

Who do I contact regarding class information?
For Term 4 classes and until the end of 2015 please continue to contact Leah and Elements Collective at flix@elementscollective.com.au & 07 3666 0991. 
For 2016 enrolments and class information feel free to contact Vanessa from V-Hub at vanessa@vhubdance.com.au .

What if I don’t want this and I DO NOT wish my contact information to be handed onto V-Hub?
If you DO NOT wish your contact information (email address & phone number) to be handed over to V-hub in the changeover, Elements Collective respects your privacy and will NOT pass on any information if you request this to be so. Please contact flix@elementscollective.com.au , see us at reception or call 07 3666 0991 if you DO NOT wish for your contact information to be passed on.

Can you relax and will everything be OK ?
Yes you can completely relax, the only thing changing is the management. Sadly you wont be seeing Leah or Dickson as often as usual but they will continue to support V-Hub every step of the way and Elements Collective will continue to run events and workshops in the space regularly.
You can continue to support Elements Collective by checking out our shows & events and keeping up with our facebook pages www.facebook.com/ecstudios , Instagram @elementscollective and Website www.elementscollective.com.au .

And lastly…

I want to thank you for 5 amazing years of fun, laughter, inspiration, growth, family and community….oh and helping me run one of the best dance studios in Brisbane. Without the support of our dancers, students and parents we could not have achieved what we have. We hope you continue to support us on our journey and share with us our final Term into the final X-mas Student Showcase.    - Leah Tilney



Hire for Events, Workshops, Classes or Rehearsals. Please email bookings@cupo.com.au for availability!

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Located in Fortitude Valley (Brisbane), Elements Collective is Brisbane's leading Hip-hop based Dance Company and the only studio dedicated to representing all elements of hip-hop culture, Providing quality Workshops, Classes, Performances and Hip-hop Theatre Productions.

Offering regular classes for Kids and Adults in B-boying/B-girling & Street Dance Styles. Elements Collective also run many community and schools based workshops and masterclasses in Dance, Music Production, Beat-boxing, Emceeing and Songwriting.

Elements Collective bring together a mix of the Brisbane's most well known and established hip hop artists and was founded as a means of spreading Hip Hop culture to an audience where it might otherwise not be properly received.
Elements Collective are proud to be one of the few companies in Brisbane to produce and tour live Hip-hop and Street Theater Productions spreading positive,social and cultural messages through each performance. Touring and booking information can be made by emailing productions@elementscollective.com.au 

Drawing upon the skills of various artists in all elements, each member has been teaching, performing and representing the culture for many years and are highly respected in their chosen fields, many of them award winning and champion artists.

EC has a growing list of facilitators and performers that provide  unique and exciting work. Focusing on Workshops, Teaching Tours, Regional and Rural work, Live shows, Corporate events and many  more.

Elements Collective run their main classes in the Valley from Cupo Venue  :2x large dance studios that open up to a  huge events space. Studios are available for hire through the venue CUPO! Enquire about studio hire here.


CLASSES: Elements Collective currently run over 20 classes at their Fortitude Valley location and at Park Ridge State School (Southside location). 

Classes range for kids (6yrs) to Adults in Beginner to Advanced levels along with Competition and Performance Crews. Class Timetable can be found here.

WORKSHOPS: Elements Collective supply professional choreographers and teachers to schools, clubs and community organisations around Brisbane. Elements Collective have a implemented a unique and successful syllabus for Hip-hop / Street and Break dance classes throughout QLD and a widely known throughout Australia for their elite facilitators, many of whom have represented the country at World level events.

PERFORMANCES: Elements Collective are Brisbane’s premier hip-hop dance company, not only are they well known for their representation in Australian hip-hop culture, but also known for having a huge list of experienced , versatile and talented performers who create exclusive and exciting entertainment for sporting teams, corporate showcases, demonstrations, promotional work, film, TV and advertising.

PRODUCTIONS: Elements Collective create exciting, innovating and new hip-hop based dance theatre. With a cast of some of the best street dancers in Australia, Elements Collective currently have 2x touring shows: “Goldy and the 3 B-bears” a children’s dance theatre and comedy work and “One Way” an open age, full length, dance theatre piece along with a 3rd production currently in creative development. All 3 shows are available for seasoned residencies, touring and festivals.

- Workshop Facilitators
– Regular Dance & Acrobatics Teachers
– Exclusive Choreography and show development
– Programming
– Mentoring
– Performers
– Entertainment
– Theatre productions / Touring 
– Event Management

Founded as an agency for performers & teachers in 2008, Elements Collective’s studios officially opened doors in September 2010.
Elements Collective are actively involved in Brisbane’s hip-hop community hosting regular classes as well as community & schools programs, events, workshops and performances.

Studio Space
Elements Collective is run from the CUPO venue at 17 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley. 2 x large dance studios that open up to a huge events space. 
Studios are available for hire through www.cupo.com.au or by emailing bookings@cupo.com.au

Elements Collective is independently owned and directed by Leah Tilney (B-girl Flix).

The idea for Elements Collective evolved through the collaboration of founding members:

  • Leah Tilney (B-girl Flix)
  • Tom Horn (Tom Thum/ Born Fresh Records)
  • Conan Whitehouse (Photographer / Fre Agentz Crew)
  • Joe Mackay (Eloquence – The Winnie Coopers)

Elements Collective has a growing list of facilitators and performers that provide unique and exciting work. Focusing on workshops, teaching tours, regional and rural work, live shows, corporate events and many more.

EC Upcoming Events

December 9, 2015

TRAVERS ROSS Guest Workshops & Performance Opportunity

TRAVERS ROSS Guest Workshops & Performance Opportunity @ Elements Collective The founder of Utopian Dream Festival, Groovelock, Holiday Coast Hip Hop, Boji theatre production and now his latest project working with Japanese producer BErgamot VEmail called the SuperSonicShapeShiftersOfAwe..   Travers will Through 4 sessions bring together all the individuals open to participating to be one [...]

December 18, 2015


Please join us in celebrating 5 years of fun, family and fantastic dancers on FRIDAY 18th DEC at the JUDITH WRIGHT CENTER OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS. In 2016 Elements Collective is heading into Live Hip-hop Theatre Production, Events, Workshops and Touring so has made the hard decision to discontinue regular classes, to make time for the new [...]

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