Elements Collective bring their cast of world class freestyle & breakdancers to the stage in their highly anticipated dance work; M.I.N.D.E.D ; a show that will inspire & provoke!

The performance takes us inside a mind full of thoughts and mixed emotions. Confronting fear, joy, sadness, ego and frustration head on while exploring the ways our thoughts can create altered perceptions of reality.

Directed by multi-national champion b-girl Leah Tilney and music by ARIA award winning artist Ben Ely (Regurgitator), M.I.N.D.E.D is an emotional journey through movement and character connection. With an original soundtrack that leaves audiences in a state of awe through a soundscape of dark ambience and powerful builds. M.I.N.D.E.D is not your standard "hip-hop" piece. Its a powerful, emotional performance mixing choreography with aerial straps apparatus creating levels of dance from the ground to the air.

This show pushes boundaries of hip-hop theatre with pristine acrobatics, intricate choreography and intense body awareness with an entirely Australian cast of multi award winning performers.

M.I.N.D.E.D won the "Best Dance Award" and "Weekly Dance Award" at their premier season at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe Festival and have since gone on to tour throughout 2018 in Melbourne and the Xintiandi Festival in Shanghai & Foshan, China.

Duration : 45 mins



Goldie and the 3 B-bears is a hip hop dance theatre show that uses SPOKEN WORD, RHYME, MUSIC, DRAMA and DANCE to let you in on what really went down.

So you thought Goldie Locks was just out for a walk in the woods? Well you didn’t get the whole story…

Our main girl; Goldie is a dancer who comes from a long line of famous dancers in the style of Locking and there is enormous pressure for her to follow in her parents’ footsteps. Goldie wasn’t just out for a walk that day, she ran away from home.

When Goldie stumbles across the home of the three B-Bears she didn’t expect to find amazing Break Dancers with such great passion.

The B-Bears teach Goldie about the importance of creativity, self-expression and learning from the old to create something new.

Goldie & the Three B-Bears is a dynamic show that will have primary school audiences bouncing to the beats and groovin’ in their seats.

Duration: 25-30 minutes

One Way


A ground breaking new show from Elements Collective. One Way combines the explosive nature of breaking and the intricacies of hip-hop with contemporary dance theatrics, This exciting new work explores the notion of discovering your true passions and place in society.
Directed by Sammie Williams and featuring some of Australia’s most creative and talented dancers, Elements Collective takes audience on an entrancing journey of movement and sound.

Duration: 50 minutes


Premiering at Festival2018 for the GC2018 Commonwealth Games, Beachtime Breakers features some of QLD’s finest b-boy & b-girl talent. This 20 minute fun, hype and impressive show for all ages hosts vibrant costumes, world class breakdancing and a funny story about two groups at the beach, battling over their space in the sun for fun!

Perfect for outdoor events, festivals or school holiday activations.

Duration: 20minutes (flexible).